Véronique Martin-Bozzi

After earning a Master’s in judicial law and a Postgraduate Degree in litigation law (Paris V University), Véronique was the Valedictorian in the Paris Bar Academy Class of 1999. She was admitted to the Bar after being sworn in at the Paris Court of Appeal.

With the aim of defending corporate clients in the rich but complex field of labour relations, Véronique started her career with an intensive period of advocacy work for several law firms. She then decided to build on her litigation experience by addressing the challenge of advising companies on human resources and employee representation management, which are fields that involve a combination of economic, sociological, political, regulatory, human and organisational knowledge. She has been providing day-to-day advice and training to her clients for over 20 years. Her clientele includes a wide range of companies and non-profit organisations of various sizes (in sectors such as public health, community health, pharmaceuticals, insurance, publishing, public works, the wholesale trade and logistics), which benefit from increased pragmatism, visibility and certainty.
In 2007, she joined ærige (formerly brl avocats), where she became a Partner in 2015.

Véronique also enjoys being creative outside of the firm, and is a passionate amateur artist whose vivid paintings use a variety of techniques, inspirations, colours and materials.
Team :
        ● Maud Lefevre
        ● Zineb Vogt


Master 2 – Droit du contentieux national, européen et international
Université Paris V

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